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Keeping Your Money Safe

We work our whole lives and finally reach a point where we cannot maintain gainful employment. For many, the idea of retiring is a dream because their savings is not where it should be for retirement. While others have been able to save enough to welcome retirement with open arms. Those ready for retirement may question what living out their Golden Years will entail. Will it be full of bliss or worry? Was enough attention given early on to ensure their savings allows for a carefree era?

When it comes to money, everyone had a different perception because it can draw out all sorts of emotion. Strangely enough, money itself has no emotion. And, if we do not tell our money what to do then it will be sure to let us know what to do.

Our Job Is To Guide Clients To A Safe Conclusion

Our office is trained to understand your situation and help plan for your future. There will always be conflicting information and our choice is to offer products that align with our principles of keeping things simple. Anyone can make something complicated, but only a few can help people understand.

Whether you are close to retirement or years away, we want to help you plan your future. After all, working until the day you die should not be an option. Enjoying your retirement comes from working on your savings. A little effort can go a long way.

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Ask The Right Questions

  • What is an annuity?

  • Are there different types of annuities?

  • Will an annuity work for me?

  • How does an Indexed Annuity differ from a Variable Annuity?

  • Does and annuity guarantee my money to remain save?

What Kind Of Annuity Should I Get?

It may appear that all annuities are the same. The truth is there are different types. Choosing the right one will be decided on the kind that fits your needs. Depending on its purpose, it can be used pre-taxed or after-tax, meaning it can be used as a retirement vehicle with pre-taxed dollars. Or, it can be funded
with after tax money.

Here is an example of a fixed annuity. A dollar amount invested will produce a modest return. Should you die before that return comes into fruition, then it can be passed on to the beneficiary. Simple by design, very straight forward with no thrills or frills.

Indexed annuities are a little more complex in their design, with many advantages. For example, the investment can experience positive growth during good years and avoid the downturn in the negative years. Meaning there is a cap of return and a floor when the market is not doing so well. The money is in a safe place because there is no loss on the investment.

Naturally, that indexed annuity will serve a purpose to payout an amount after it has matured. That payout is predictable and calculated at the very beginning. It offers a guaranteed distribution over a period of time. Not to mention that there is a beneficiary designation should something happen.

There are many misconceptions surrounding an indexed annuity, we like to think of it as a utility investment of sorts because of its guarantees and safeguards offered. Even more, most carriers will include a long-term type benefit should a medical condition require assisted daily living.

If done correctly, an annuity may not get you rich but it can ensure you get paid. The only question remaining will be how much you will invest.

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