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Watercrafts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to tow several people at a time and enjoy the open water for a day of fun in the sun, while others may serve a specific purpose to enjoy sea hunting. Having the right kind of insurance to protect you and your vessel are important.

Often times, boat insurance may be overlooked at the time a watercraft is purchased. At Almendariz Insurance, we feel it is important to keep in close contact with our clients to have a feel of their direction in life. It is important to have a solid overview of the cost to purchase the watercraft as well as maintain the insurance.

Our Job is to Guide Clients
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Our goal is to offer you and your family a storehouse of options for your boat insurance. Call today at (210) 301-1640 so we can review your needs, risks, and tolerance and put you in the right policy that makes your life simpler.

About Almendariz Boat & Watercraft Division

Serving Greater San Antonio families since 2007, Almendariz Insurance is a local family-owned business. As an agent, Fernando Almendariz recognized the need for independence and freedom to offer different carriers.

By having a working knowledge of boat insurance, we understand that it can benefit your needs. Not all insurance companies are created alike, and by weighing the benefits of a particular plan we can then determine if cost is the best approach. With the same token, many insurance companies want to insure your “toys” and may offer discounts to encourage retention.

It became more evident that offering our clients various options can only benefit them and their needs. That’s why Almendariz maintains active relationships with multiple reputable and well-rated insurance carriers. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about you. Call today at (210) 301-1640 and put us to work for you.

Ask the Right Questions

  • How much insurance do I need?
  • Does the insurance include my trailer?
  • Does my auto insurance cover my boat?
  • Does my homeowners insurance cover my boat?

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It’s always better to talk your agent at (210) 301-1640 to review needs and coverage, but if you need a quick quote after-hours, you can use the Quick Quote form.

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Basic coverage that is required by state law to maintain. It is broken up into 2 categories: Bodily Injury and Property Damage. However, you will find it in a 3 tier format. Bodily injury/Total Bodily Injury/Property Damage. The first will define the individual limit while the second tier will define the total paid with more than one party involved. Third tier will define the amount paid toward the damaged vehicle/property.

Underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist plays a role for the other driver without insurance or with low limits. Accidents that have a high dollar claim will look into this coverage as the liability coverage is exhausted. This will come into the picture when a high-end vehicle is victim to a less-expensive vehicle that happens to have limits less than the high-end vehicles worth.

Comprehensive coverage is usually deductible based. It handles damages ranging from vandalism to acts of God. Broken windshields, graffiti, or a stolen radio are some examples of covered items. Depending on severity, the deductible may be less than the replacement of the damages and keeping an open-mind to filing a claim or simply self indemnifying are a couple options. Commercial auto goes a step further to include business related articles. Depending on the nature and usage of the vehicle will determine the a suitable limit.

This coverage takes care of the vehicle when it comes to at-fault accidents. Typically, leinholders request a set deductible in the event it turns into a complete loss. Even if there is no lienholder, it can benefit the owner by not paying a large lump sum. Deductibles are in multiples of $250 or $500 but largely dependent on the carrier’s preference.

Combined Single Limit (CSL) is a term used for commercial auto. It encompass all of the descriptions listed above, but into a combined limit. Separate categories are still defined, however, they are pooled based on the CSL instead of that categories limit. This is especially useful when large limits are necessary and the categorized method does not suffice.

Towing a trailer can fall under liability coverage without having it insured. If accidents occurs and a trailer is not reported as an additional item, it would not be replaced or repaired by the carrier. Any damage by the trailer to another party would be covered under the liability if it were at fault. In such cases, it would benefit to add a trailer onto the auto policy. Light duty and limited may not be worthwhile but being mindful of possible outcomes is always important when towing a trailer.

How much insurance will I need?

Like the property it insures, boat insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. If one is not careful they may find themselves with a policy that is inadequate. For those that take great pleasure of being in the water, it becomes a piece of mind to protect those that enjoy it with you.

Small fishing boats may not require the same kind of insurance than a boat that tows tubes for fun. The cost is correlated with the value of the boat. As such the cost may change year-to-year.

Unfortunately, many owners do not understand that homeowners insurance does not insure the watercraft, and it is no different with auto insurance. At minimal, an auto policy can extend liability coverage onto a trailer but not the watercraft itself.

Our responsibility is to educate our clients to properly insure themselves to avoid situations that leave them empty-handed from a loss. Just like driving a vehicle on the road, we encourage safe driving on all sorts of terrain including water.

Keep up with change

Periodic reviews are necessary. Before you get out on the water, it is good to understand options for boat and watercraft insurance.

Even though many believe cheaper is better, there have been instances where cheaper was costly because the policy did not cover a claim. Having a working knowledge leads to an informed decision instead of a costly one. We are here to guide and explain what does and does not work for you.

Call today at (210) 301-1640 and put us to work getting the best deal for you.

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