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When it comes to retirement, there are a sea of options and a ton of topics to process, and too much information can cause analysis paralysis.

Knowing where to start is the most important part, because without a reference point, this already daunting task can be completely overwhelming. At-the-same-time, avoiding the conversation is never the best choice. Having the right plan is important and having the right partner to help navigate uncomfortable conversations is worth its weight in gold. The key is knowing where to start. It all begins with identifying the problems which can then be solved together.

At Almendariz Insurance, we believe in making things simple and predictable. We offer retirement solutions that are safe and guaranteed. Our team looks to understand your needs first by gathering information that is important to you. We help you navigate the maze of worry and help make sense of your… well, dollars and cents.

Our Job is to Guide Clients to a Safe Place

Our goal is to help plan for a life of financial freedom and help you enjoy time with your loved ones. Call today at (210) 301-1640 so we can review your needs, risks, and tolerance. Let us help put you in the right position for future success.

Ask the Right Questions

  • When is a good time to discuss my retirement?
  • Will today’s income survive the cost of living tomorrow?
  • Do you contribute to an employer pension?
  • Will you be able to adjust to personal spending?
  • Do you have long-term debts?
  • How much longer should you work?
  • Are there guarantees with my retirement?

It’s never too early to plan for retirement, but there is a danger of waiting too long. Many times it depends on the needs of the household. For some, it is a level of comfort they wish to continue post-retirement. Long-term debts and mortgage payments may dictate furthering the working years. Others see the importance of planning for unforeseen medical expenses due to a history of family sicknesses.

Few are fortunate enough to contribute towards a pension during their working years and reap the benefits from their discipline. Even then, there may be a deficiency that was not calculated. Whatever the case, costs are involved and having a resource to support these needs must come from somewhere.

Let’s face it. Social Security will not cover all of your expenses. Supplementing the difference must come from another financial pool. Unless a pension is offered from an employer, an outside solution must be introduced. But what works for your neighbor, may not work for you.

It might be better to give a little background along with an example to give a better understanding.

Believe it or not, the concept is centuries old. Annuities themselves date back to the Roman Empire era and were offered to soldiers as a type of pension for their years of service. A good example is our social security system, which is based on an annuity model. The portions deducted in an employee’s paycheck is a tax/contribution towards the future retirement. The idea is to reward all of the years of service. The intention of an annuity is to guarantee a stream of income that lasts your lifespan.

There are many varieties of annuities and choosing the right one depends on your particular needs.

Our team customizes solutions that are based on your current and future needs. By eliminating those sleepless nights, we are able to give you the peace of mind to enjoy your life.

Very few know when to retire. Having money work for you is far better than having to work for it. Yet there are many who find themselves working well past the retirement age as a part-time employee. If this is the only option, they must supplement the deficiency in their retirement plan.

The Golden Years lose their zest when “work until you die” becomes the credo. Those who realize that they will outlive their money, have no choice but to continue gainful employment. We educate our clients and help them plan for a successful future.

It is important to know whether or not your money will outlive you versus you outliving it. Our goal is to position you for financial success, and we believe that good information leads to a good decision. Call today at (210) 301-1640 and put us to work at finding the right choice.

About Almendariz Retirement Division

Serving Greater San Antonio families since 2007, Almendariz Insurance is a local family-owned business. As an agent, Fernando Almendariz recognized the need for independence and freedom to offer different retirement options. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about you. Call today at (210) 301-1640 and put us to work for you.

By having a working knowledge of retirement options, we understand that every person and every family has unique needs. Not all retirement plans are created alike, and by weighing the benefits of a particular plan we can then determine the best approach.

Keep up with change

Periodic reviews are necessary. The right kind of retirement partner wants to grow with its clients. Property values and retirement priorities change over time. Follow ups can be a good thing for some but an annoyance to others. We are here to guide and explain what does and does not work for you.

Call today at (210) 301-1640 and put us to work getting the best retirement plan for you.

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